Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Wheel clearance

Time to trial fit the wheels on the back. The recon driveshafts were fitted, drums bolted back on (no brakes or springs in yet) The brakes couldn't be fitted as I needed some adjusters (thanks Mike Weaver for supplying the correct set!) and I left the springs out so that I could lift the wheel into various positions to check the clearance on the wheel arches to determine the offset required for the 2nd set of wheels.
Even if I do say so myself, these wheels do look good on here! Yes, I know it ought to have gold minilights on, but I just can't find anyone who will make them for a reasonable price and I just don't like them! I've always wanted a set of Revvies, so now I have got some!
There is about 20mm of clearance at running and full load heights, so I could get the wheels made with an extra 20mm of offset. Considered using some spacers, but then the wheel studs would need to be longer and I don't want to open that can of worms! They actually fill the arches quite nicely, and although I could get a set made further out, there is a clearance problem on the inner arch. Where it has been modified, it sloped down to meet the outer arch, and with the wheel space 20mm out, on full compression, it could foul the inner arch.
Thanks to Colin Radford who spotted this! So, this being the case, and the fact that they look just fine, shall be ordering another set identical to this and running with matches wheels (which makes more sense anyway.)
Brakes, springs and shocks next..................

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