Sunday, 15 May 2011

Front Suspension

Friday evening saw me in not so sunny Doncaster with Colin. He offered to build up m front struts for me as he had just done his and could remember what went where! He also very kindly donated some better strut tops and the new thrust washers. So, couple of hours in his garage and they were done....... Pizza time!!
 New shocks, new gaiters, new strut top bearings all in nicely powder coated shock tubes, cups and springs............ pretty!
 This morning saw me fit the x-member and bolt it up, the I could start putting the suspension together. Spent what seemed like most of the day getting the powder coating off the mating faces and out of all the bolt holes! But, it went together pretty much ok.

New Stag discs and calipers, fully poly bushes, new ball joints, new bearings, all assembled. Just got to do the other side now, then fit the rack and do the brake pipes.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

I'm back!

I'm back!!...... did you all miss me?....... no, didn't think so!

Had a bit of time off from the car, spent my time doing jobs round the house, going on holiday to France in the caravan and various other bits and pieces that just took up all my time........ but, back to the job in hand now!
Masked and shutzed the last wheel arch. What a messy job, I@ll be glad when this is done! Just the floor pans to do now!
 The rack was rebuilt thanks to EJ Wards. Being as it was a low mileage car I wanted my rack rebuilt rather than exchanged so it took a little longer than usual. Quick coat of paint and its as good as new.
 All the front suspension is now back from the powder coaters. I borrowed Brian's press and pressed the new bottom ball joints into the lower arms and fitted the new polybushes.
 The front crossmember, now powder coated, needed some minor assembly. Rubber bump stops to be refitted and new steering rack bushes. These are the only bushes on the car that are not Poly. I don't like the poly bushes in the rack, I find it gives too much "kick" to the steering, so standard rubber bushes are in there now.
 Then, polished up and refitted the gutter trims on the offside, and 2 of the door trims before it was time for dinner. Not bad for about 4 hours work this afternoon!