Sunday, 20 March 2011

Front shocks and crossmember

Went shopping first today. I managed to break 2 of my big 1/2 inch drive sockets yesterday, so I went to Halfords with the intention of just buying 2 new sockets. After a bit of negotiation and a flash of the old Halfords trade card, I ended up buying a complete new Halfords Professional 1/2 drive set. Bargain price and its really good quality (plus another drawer in the cabinet filled too!)
 Took out the rest of the suspension, mainly the steering rack and crossmember so the front is now totally empty and ready for cleaning and shutzing.
 After a few hours of fiddling, the front struts are apart. Springs new powder coating, shocks are shot and the strut tops are unbonding. Thanks to Colin Radford I have a set waiting for me in Doncaster to collect so I just need some new thrust washers and gaiters and those will be ready.
 Once that was done I then stripped the crossmember down. Lots of small rivets holding the brake pipe clips to it (Stag system, so the n/s front brake pipe goes under the engine rather than behind it), the steering mount bushes (little swines those are I can tell you!) and the bump stops......... now it just needs powder coating.
 Also stripped the tow bar down, so I now have a pile of bits to go to the blasters. Still need to get the ball joints out of the track arms and the seized bolt in the steering arm to hub so a trip to Brian's and some serious heat and a 10 ton press and we should be fine!

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