Saturday, 19 March 2011

Front end stripping

Time to start stripping the front suspension down. Normally, I would have thought a couple of hours would have got this done............. oh how wrong I was! Every bolt was rusted, seized, rounded or just horrible... it fought me every step of the way! In the end, I got it all out with only one bolt holding the steering arm to the spider just not playing..... need to drop that in to Brian's and get some Oxy-acetylene on that I think! Now got another pile of bits for shot blasting, tomorrow I'll strip down the legs and get those ready to go.

 The hubs and spiders I decided not to have powder coated, I just thought there is too much potential to get powder coat where you don't want it. So, I spent a happy few hours with the rotary wire brush until I got them clean...............
 ............. then a bit of masking and a few coats of spray smoothrite and they look as good as new!

In the end, the front end stripdown, excluding wire brush and painting took 5 hours!!!!!! 5 hours I ask you, why do we do these silly things?!?!

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