Saturday, 13 September 2008

Getting there........

I drove the estate today for the first time since the engine rebuild.......... all I can say is wow.......... I am so pleased with my little self. The engine runs perfectly, good oil pressure, no noises, no rattles and it does seem to pull well............. can't really find out yet as I need to run it in first!

I took it to Craig Bennett's garage for some welding on the front chassis rails. Nothing serious, just a small patch............. what is serious is the huge hole we found in the boot floor....... right under the tank in the "fake" spare wheel well which is a carry-over from the old MKI's. So, next Saturday we are going to take the tank out, cut out the useless "bulge" and re-create a flat boot floor.

It's not an MOT failure, so the MOT is still on for Monday pm. Fingers crossed.

When I got it home I carried on tinkering. The new wood I had re-veneered needing fitting. I'd done the door trims.... (the easy bit!) but I now had to do all the dash and the radio surround.

I'd had the radio surround modified to have the hole a modern stero size, so while I was at it, I put the new stereo and cd changer in.

What a result, I think it looks great!

While I had the dash out I put in an extra 12v cigar lighter on the passengers side parcel shelf. Might come in useful on the RBRR for the Sat Nav, Road Angel and phone charger.

I had a new gerlever trim panel "in stock" so what went on too.

It really has lifted the inside, looks much better now.

Tomorrow is cleaning and (dare I say it...........................) POLISHING time depending on the weather. Then its MOT Monday, tax and then the open road beckons..............!

Monday, 8 September 2008

Engine rebuild......... FINISHED!!!!

So, put the rad back in, reassembled all the front suspension including the new power rack.

Topped up all the fluid then realised I couldn't put it off any longer, I had to try and start it!

Primed the oil pump, fitted a new filter then turned it on the key with the plugs out................... after a short pause the oil pressure gauge started to climb and hit 75psi just on the starter!!! Wow!!

Put the new plugs in, and tried again................ first turn of the key it fired into life!

I cannot explain the feeling of relief and utter joy at hearing the 6 pot burst into life!!!

The new carbs need fettling, they are stiff and won't open and shut properly, but they just need to lube and working a bit I think. Timing needs to be set, but apart from that its fine!

Ran for a couple of minutes then I think I've run out of fuel........ but it was getting dark so I guess this was a good time to stop!!

I have to admit there have been times when I've wondered if I would ever get it back together again........ but the feeling of hearing it start was worth all the sweat!!!

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Engine Rebuild Part MCMXXVXIIX !!

So, today I needed to get on with putting the engine back together......... so it was raining! Figures.

A bit of playing and here we have a purpose built engine-rebuild-shelter!
All going well, head back on and torqued down
Virtually finished!

All thats left to do is;

Bolt in and connect up the Radiator
Fill with fluids
Change the oil filter
Change the oil pressure relief valve
Reassemble the suspension

Then its ready for firing.

I was planning to have it running today, but the rain wore me down and I'd just had enough!

Not far to go now though!