Saturday, 12 March 2011

Rear finished, bit of bling, bit of polishing!

Busy day today. Got the rear end finished. Brakes built up with new shoes, springs and cylinders. New handbrake cable fitted with stainless fittings, Polybush spring mounts top and bottom, new coil over shocks, original powder coated springs, driveshafts coupled up and the brake lines finished.
Even though I'm trying NOT to build a show car, and I blame Mike Weaver for making me do it to this standard, I do have to say it looks superb! Mike is'nt making me do anything, but I love the way his car is turning out and I find myself trying to keep to a similar standard!!
I managed to pick up a rechromed fuel filler cap at Stoneleigh last weekend. Bit of a bargain as there a couple of ripples in the chrome...... not that you'd noticed unless you look closely! Built it up with the original lock and springs, just needs the inner seal, which I'd forgotten about and just ordered off fleabay!
Fitted the NOS number plate lamp chrome trim (another Stoneleigh bargain from Mr Dolphin) and then fiddled and fitted the NOS boot lock.
Then managed to get the new fuel cap in.................. oooooooooooooooo , shiney bits!
Gutter trims next. Mine were badly dented, but a salvaged set just needed cleaning up. The resident polisher Bradley seen here at work with the polishing mop in the bench grinder.
Wonderful little tool this, from crusty to shiney in about 5 seconds!
The concentration on his face............. and they call me "the polisher" !!!!
Gutter trims on one side, had to modify the vinyl roof a bit, needed trimming back about 2mm just to allow the gutter trim to sit properly. Then we lowered the car down, pushed it outside and turned it round.

Then got the front up in the air ready to start stripping the front down
Crusty and 'orrible.......... this won't take too much to get it looking pretty.
The discs, apart from having surface corrosion, actually look like they were replaced not long before the car was laid up. No lip at all, so if anyone wants a decent set of MKII front discs that will probably be ok with a light skim, let me know! This is having Stag brakes on the front end so I don't need them.

I couldn't resist finishing off the day with a bit of bling. Bought a leather Mountey steering wheel off ebay, which cleaned up really well (only cost £10!), coupled to an astrali hub I had hanging about, with the front of a stag wheel to fit the badge......... that looks better!

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