Friday, 20 June 2008

The great Window saga.................

Ever since I have had the Stag, the drivers side window occasionally falls down. The arm from the electric motor jumps out of its track, so after it happened very quickly and scared the living daylights out of me (huge bang as the window disappears!!) I thought I should do something.

The problem is the plastci bush on the end of the arm was mullered, so I bought a new one from EJ Wards and then set about it.

To get the motor assembly out, you have to lift the entire window frame up by about 6 inches....... not overly difficult but fiddly.

So, here is the offending bush............... mullered does not do it justice!
Heres what is shoud look like!
Simple job to drill out the rivet and replace it with the new one, put the window back together an hey presto......... one working window!!

If only everything in life were this simple..........

Thursday, 5 June 2008

New Radiator

The Radiator on my Stag was starting to weep so I bought a new one whilst at the Prescott Hill Day from EJ Wards (got a special show discount too..... excellent!!)

Finally got round to fitting it the other day. So, many thanks to Sam for her wonderful birthday present of magnetic wing protectors!! Finally got a chance to use them!

It was a bit of a challenge to get the old rad out. To get to the bottom hose you need to remove the battery, to get the battery out you need to remove the PAS pump........ not a simple task but I got it done and the rad out fairly swiftly.
Here's the new one, all shiney and black.......... pretty! I decided it would be prudent to have the uprated Radiator. Not that I have ever had any cooling problems with this car, even with a leaky rad, but I decided it would be prudent. So, I bought a new Supergill 5 row Radiator.
Here's the old one, got to go back to Wards as an exchange........... if he can do anything with it that is!)
All back together, fresh antifreeze and running with no leaks. All I have to do is to put a new pipe on the overflow bottle. For some reason the pipe on new Rad was a smaller diameter than the old one....... not to worry, couple of quid for a new hose should see it all sorted........... the road beckons!!