Thursday, 26 March 2009

New Tyres, New MOT....... one breakdown!

So........ I decided that the fuel starvation problem was due to a clogged up tank...... I took out the fuel gauge sender unit and had a peek inside with a torch (not a lit match as suggested by some!) and found a load a gunk at the bottom........ just due to the car standing with fuel in it for so long I guess.

So, I undid the union on the bottom of the tank and............... nothing. Hmmmm. Gave it a prod with a screwdriver and fuel started to pour out.... okay, definatly gunked up then.

I then removed the tank, taped up the vents, put some de-greaser in it and gave it a shake....... just look at what came out!!!!!!!

That could be why it kept stopping then!! Did that a couple of times, then popped the tank back in and put a couple of gallons of fresh fuel in and all seemed well.

I then went to my friendly local tyre place as the tyres I had ordered were now in. 4 new 185/70/13's (compromise as the original 175/80/13's not available!) and on they went. It did confuse the fitters a bit, especially as they couldn't find the car in their wheel nut torque guide! But, all done. Then went next door, and collected the MOT certificate!! She's road legal!!

All is not well though.... on the way home.. cough, splutter cough stop......... bugger! No fuel at the pump again!

I managed to get it home and jacked it up again, undid the union and this time the fuel gushed out of the tank.... so its not that then! On the advice of a Register member I took off the small length of rubber hose that connects the metal union to the main fuel line..........blocked solid with gunk...... ahhhhhhhhhh. So, new bit of fuel pipe, couple of clips..... refilled the tank and its seems to have cured it!

So, all I need to do now is to get it taxed, have to go to a VRO office to do it as it was off the road when it went tax free....... classification needs changing and you can't do that online or at a post office!!
Then, I can go for a proper blast!
Bit of cleaning to do on the interior, tow bar fitting and she's finished!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

MOT........ FAIL !!

MOT this afternoon, and it failed.

On tyres and a steering rack gaiter!!!!

New tyres on order, ready for Thursday, gaiter is on the shelf so all should be well!

We do have a problem with fuel starvation...... don't know if the pump I put on is as bad as the original or if there is still a blockage in the tank. Going to put a brand new pump on and try it, failing that its tank out and a good clean out!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Ready for MOT !!!!

The blue 2000 is now ready for an MOT!

Stripped the front brakes today, thinking I would have to put new discs on. The discs were rusty but when I inspected them..... no wear ridges or lips at all. I cleaned them up and put new pads in and also changed the bleed nipples as the originals were all chewed up. All good now!

New (well, good second hand!) Master cylinder as the original had perished seals and was weeping a bit, then bled all the brakes again. I also fitted another fuel pump as the original one was just too gummed up to work properly. Now running like a dream! Quick oil and filter change and its done and ready for MOT....... then a trip to the tyre fitters for a new set of treads and its ready for a new home.

Bradley was helping out again............ but he seemed more interested in polishing the front bumper than anything else........... even Dave Marshall had to get his hands dirty and changed a headlight........... made him polish the chrome headlamp retaining rings before he put it back on though, I think he was a bit upset about that. Polishing just does'nt come as natural to him as it does to Bradley or myself!!

Look at the concentration om Bradley's face as he polishes the bumper............!!

Had a break for an hour to fit some parking sensors to the back of Dave's Shitroen..... Easy job using my favorite £25.00 ebay kits.......... looks like factory and should stop him stuffing the towbar into things!

So, MOT hopefully this week and see what happens...............

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Nearly finished!

So, what do you think the most useful tool you have in your toolbox is??........

9/16th Spanner?

1/2" spanner?

Flippin' big hammer?

All wrong.

When working on Triumph's, I have discovered that you need a "Bradley" (not to be confused with a Bradall, that's a sharp pointy thing for poking holes in things with.) A Bradley is a very useful "spanner-monkey". Excellent for reaching hard to get at bolt due to its very long reach, does exactly as it is told and makes excellent coffee!!

Anyway, more work on the 2000 yesterday, aided by Bradley.

First stop was finishing off fitting and cleaning the carbs and cleaning out (yet again!) the fuel pump. Its all gummed up with slime and sticky old fuel and its just not pumping as well as it should. I fitted an in-line fuel filter just before the pump to try and help, but it wasn't happenening.

So, we drained the tank and then blew threw all the fuel lines with an air hose and soooooooo much rubbish and goo came out, it must be okay now.

This is what was living in the petrol tank......... pretending to be fuel........ it actually RAN on this stuff (not very well I must admit!)

So, with fresh fuel in a clean lines up it started and ran perfectly! Bradley then spent a few hours replacing the indicator switch I got from Stoneleigh last weekend. Should have taken a couple of minutes, but getting it lined up with the cowling took some time. We had right hand indicators, but no left, then left but no right......... but now its all fine.

Next problem....... stuck clutch. I was dreading this, as I had an awful feeling that the gearbox was going to have to come out. So, we started it up and left it running for a while to get it nice and hot. Back end up on stands, Bradley in the passengers seat hold the clutch down with his right foot, me in the drivers seat with the throttle and the brakes. Bit of power, progressively harder braking and then the clutch let go and freed off on the first go!!!

I couldn't believe it!!!!

Bradley was pretty stunned too!! (or did he just sit on the old indicator stalk?)

So, for the first time in 19 years, it moved under its own steam. Took it for a little tootle (well, down the drive and round the end of the cul-de-sac!) and all is well.

Jobs left to do.
New Brake Master Cylinder needed (seals perished and weeping)
Change the fuel pump for a better one
Change one headlight
Another oil and filter change
Then, its MOT time!!

Sunday, 1 March 2009

More work on the Blue 2000........

More work on the Blue 2000 on Saturday. Stripped the rear brakes and replaced the shoes, wheel cylinders, flexihoses and had a couple of new brake pipes made up.

It all came apart alarmingly easiliy, so say it had'nt been touched for over 20 years!

Many thanks to Bradley and Dave for their help!! Much appreciated. Here are the happy minions de-gunking the sliding splines of the driveshafts before re-greasing and replacing!

New copper brake lines and flexihoses. The lines were full of horrible white gooey stuff. But after bleeding through about 1 litre of brake fluid........... clean fluid, no air and a firm pedal! Handbrake set to lock at 4 notches.......... looking good!

We were so impressed with the rear brakes we did, we decided to try and get the engine to fite. The carbs (see earlier posts) were ready and I re-fitted those. I had to draw off loads of stale old fuel which stank but also had set in the fuel line.
I stripped and cleaned out the fuel pump and filters, then after what seemed like hours, we had some fresh fuel coming through to the carbs. Quick check in the dizzy and a new condensor, it fired up, but only on 5 cylinders................. eventually traced to the HT lead on number 5 not being pushed on properly!!

After that, it ran very sweetly! I have to say, it is one of the smoothest sounding engines I have heard in a long time.
So, front brakes, flexihoses and wheel bearings next............ then to sort out the stuck clutch (I do hope I don't have to take the gearbox off!!)