Saturday, 2 April 2011

Small parts painting, shutz and a bit more chrome!

Cleaning and painting some smaller parts today. The front suspension is not back from the powder coaters yet so I'm a bit lost for things to do! Had lots of little things to do, so I thought I could do the odd bit and then move around as things dried, waited for re-coat etc. So, out with the bench grinder and cleaned up the other front hub, towbar spreader plate, the handbrake compensator, steering coupling and the two front brake hose brackets. Few coats of gloss black and all is well.

 Whilst I was doing that, Bradley was cleaning bolts for me................. bless.
 Doesn't take long, but makes it so much easier when it comes to put it all back together.
 Whilst the paint was drying, I masked up the front n/s arch (o/s had some rust cure still drying) and sprayed the inner arch with shutz.
 That shouldn't rust again in a hurry!
 Then the postie arrived, with a parcel containing some NOS front chrome horse shoes. They looked sooooo nice I couldn't resist fitting them (again, using the Mike Weaver style with no clips!) then cleaned and polished the 2 stainless steel trims and fitted those.
 New chrome on this car does really look very nice!!