Tuesday, 24 February 2009

No Polish used........ honest!!

Took off one of the carbs this afternoon, and spent a pleasant couple of hours cleaning the gunk off it, and all of the old petrolly waxy crud from the inside. The were all seized up, and full of horrible stuff....... so this really needed to be done.

New gaskets and O rings (Thanks to Mr P at Canley Classics today!), new Diaphrams and a flippin' good scrub and hey presto!!........ clean and working carbs.

Honest, I just cleaned them in de-greaser and gave them a good scrub.......!
I was really tempted to get the autosol out and give them a bit of bling....... but I managed to resist....... aren't I good!!!!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Another one?!??!........

Another 2000 arrived at "Polishing Towers" today. 86k, one owner from new 2000 MKII saloon. Very original and unmessed with, but after being in storage for 18 years, very VERY dirty!

But, after a good wash, a gentle rub with cutting compound and severa coats of Autoglym...... the shine returns to reveal the best bodywork I have EVER seen on an unrestored car......... its simply stunning.....

The original dealer sticker is still in the back window, and the previous owner gave me the cheque that he paid for the car, payable to the dealer from the sticker, dated 22nd Sept 1972, the registration date on the Log Book being 21st Sept 1972.... hows about that for history!!

The interior, dusty, but perfect. Clutch not stuck, brakes not seized, but the brake master cylinder suspisiously empty and the carbs sticking and leaking.
So, new wheel cylinders, new flexihoses, new shoes, new pads, strip and clean the carbs, new coolant hoses and fuel lines, maybe an exhaust and a set of tyres, check and reset the front wheel bearings, check out the bushes and u/j's...... and it'll be ready for MOT and a new home.
I am going to enjoy doing this one............