Monday, 2 September 2013

Wiring the Alarm and carpet painting

I managed to grab an hour this evening, don't the nights get dark quickly now! Still, managed to get a few things done. The next trim pieces inside to do are the sides of the front footwells and the parcel trays. Before I fit those I have some major wiring to do behind them, so I started that this evening.
The wiring is for the Alarm/Imobiliser and Remote Central Door locking system I am fitting. Running wires behind trim is always a pain, so easier to do it now before I refit them. First up hiding the wires for the infra-red sensors on the A posts.
 Then I found the ideal place to put the Red flashing LED. There was always a hole in the grill top and there is no speaker there due to the advanced "Quad Speaker System", so I popped it in the hole. Better then drilling another one I thought!
 Then I have this to deal with!! I need to find all sorts of feeds and connections so its just a case of working through each wire and finding a neat route. Looks awful, but its not finished yet!
 With the light fading I put another couple of coats of black carpet dye on the rear arches. They look so much better and nearly close enough I think.