Saturday, 13 February 2010

Aha........... Floors!

Finally found the floors!! Seats and carpets out, bit of fiddling to get the C post trims off and hey presto, we have a floor!

Amazingly, its perfect!!........ not a spec of rust in sight. Just crying out for some "Dyna-mat".

Started sanding the exterior paintwork. Deal with the bodyshop was for me to do most of the prep........... well, 2 hours later I decided I would rather pay more money and have them do it....... I HATE bodywork!!

So, got the glass out of the rear door on the n/s.......... total pain to do, but just got to do the other side, and then its ready to go to the bodyshop. Aiming for the 6th March...... pending on another car being finished on time.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Bit more

Did a bit more today..... only an hour or so, but every little helps! Took out the passengers side parcel shelf (what a swine!!) and the side trims so that I could get to the wiring in the door (interior light, electric windows and speakers) to pull it back inside the car.
Then continued under the bonnet and removed the airhorns and brake PDA assembly, so this side is now ready for the bodyshop.