Saturday, 26 February 2011

Rear Suspension Part II

Fitted the new rear brakes lines and Aeroquip hoses, added a couple more clips to be safe!

 Then, bolted the box sections to the diff nosepiece and then it was time to fit it!

 Assisted by Bradley, as ever, had to wait for him to finish taking photos before we could get the whole assembly under the car!

Then, built up the brake back plates. New wheel cylinders, clips and handbrake gaitors.
 So, the back end is all ready to have the brakes built up, drivehsafts in, and then I can try the new wheels on the back to see how much clearance I have.
 We also managed to fish the wire down the inside of the tailgate for the number plate lights. Then cleaned (well, Bradley polished it to be honest!) the light assembly up and wired it up the screwed it in.

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