Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Ready to collect

Despite the awful weather here in the Midlands, my team have really cracked on with the car, to the point where it is now ready to come home! Only problem is, until the 16 inches of snow melts....... it can't! We live in top of a hill, ontop of a hill with a sloping drive, so its got to stay where it is for the moment. Between Christmas and New Year hopefully we should get it home.
So, the car has been assembled, flatted, polished and mopped. The trimmer has been in and put on a new vinyl roof and a new headlining and the sunroof has been reassembled ready to drop back in.
Feast you eyes over this and drool.............. I know I am!!

A quick plug and a huge thank you to Brian Chrimes @ Just Classics, Lol (The Trimmer) and everyone else who has helped get her this far.................

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Finally, its painted!

Its finally painted! Been waiting ages for a slot at the paintshop, but now its finally done. Enjoy!

Put the doors, bonnet and tailgate on, then the trimmer is doing the vinyl roof (hence why no paint on the roof!), the black headlining and the sunroof, then it should be coming home. Weather depending, hopefully around the new year!