Sunday, 6 October 2013

Rear Seats

Had this afternoon working outside on the car. Glorious sunshine meant I could get on with some bits! First of all I got out the angle grinder and cut some slots in the zinc plated metal spacers I found. Then pulled the quarter bumper away, slotted them in and tightened up the sides. Bumper is now fitted as best as I can get it.
 Then it was onto rear seat belts. I had bought a set of Securon 264 belts as discussed on the Register Forum as being long enough to fit them "CRAJ-HOE" style!
 The centres were easy, the original blanking bolts I had already undone a few turns and left to soak for a few weeks.
 I had bought some FIA spec seatbelt spreader plates to put under the inner arch. I measured off Colin's picture and put them where I thought best. Drilled some holes, put the plates on and tightened them up. Then removed the blanking bolt from the inner arch for the other end and finished bolting them in. Last job was to rotate the dials to bring the locking mechanism into play so they retract properly. I just hope they are long enough to go around the child seats!!
Then I could clean and refit the lower seat base. The carpet on the underside of this is perfect, so no point disturbing it.
 The carpet on the back of the seat back on the other hand........ euw!!! So, time to disassemble the rear seat. Lifting the edges of the carpet reveals 6 screws which hold the back board to the seat. Undo and remove the rear trim board.
 ........... to reveal the original manufacturer's sticker!
 Then removed the rubber trims from the alloy frames, and then drilled out the pop rivets holding the trims to the wooden trim board.
 Flip it over and then undo the 4 set screws and nuts that hold the chrome catch plate to the board. Undo the clevis type pins which hold the catch to the pull cord.

 Then remove the carpet from the back and chuck it in the bin!!!
 The new repro carpet fits quick nicely actually. Its even bound on the edges, pretty good considering the issues I had with the main carpet sections! I fitted and centred it, then folded and glued one half,
 then the other half to keep it all square.
 Now comes the time consuming bit. Polish the alloy trim, punch the holes from the back, line up and pop rivet back into place. The fit the rubber trim. Not quite as exasperating as doing door seals, but pretty close!
 I find that I am one short trim piece missing, anyone got a spare short rubber insert going?
 Almost finished, chrome catch refitted. Just got to do 3 rubber trims, but time was getting on and dinner was calling!

 All in all, a good productive day!