Sunday, 27 November 2011

I'm Back!! (again!)

I'm back!! Not that I've been anywhere, but I just have not done any work on the Triumph since about June! Most of you know why I have been "distracted", but for those that don't the picture below should speak volumes!!
 Anyway, back to car-stuff. I got a little carried away with needing some more space now having 2 children, and the Audi A4 estate is not as big as you might think! So, short term temporary experiment to see how we like living with a gas guzzling 4x4, I bought a beast of a Range Rover. Classic softdash LSE with the 4.2 litre engine, on gas. Awesome, simply awesome........ if you can put up with the terrible fuel economy!
 So, after a visit to see Mike Weaver yesterday, I don't know whether he shamed me into it or whether it was just the injection of enthusiasm I needed. So this afternoon, after the girls and I had washed Peppa the Range Rover and "Freddie" the Focus ("George", the Audi didn't need doing!) I dusted off my spanners and had a look at the Triumph. Took an hour of so to remind myself where I got to, and to find all the bits! But, a couple of hours later I had 90% of the nearside suspension assembled.
 All I need to do to finish the front now is to order a new stub axle nut (got knows where it went to!), then I can attach the one outstanding steering arm, then the rack can go in, anti-roll bar on, couple of brake pipes and the front will be finished!
Despite the fact that 2 hours in the garage is now making me hurt all-over (lack of practice!) I have now found that not only did I enjoy it, but I'm ready for the next bit now!!
More later, hopefully after not quite as long a gap!