Sunday, 31 January 2010

Engine Pt1

Just had an email from Andy Roberts, he is very kindly rebuilding the engine for Libby. He sent me some photos and an update on the initial strip down and assessment of the engine. I've just copied and pasted his email and pictures.................... thanks Andy!

I thought you might like to know how I’m getting on with the engine – LF25961HE.

I’ve removed the heads. ALL the studs came out!! Just had a brief worry with the last one (there’s always one) but after a bit of gentle persuasion it unscrewed. Three cheers for Churchill tool S350. There’s lots of gasket goo everywhere, and the heads have been well skimmed, but they don’t look (at first sight) to be too bad.

One of the plugs (No. 7) was almost half way out, and from the gloop all around it I would say it had been running like that for a while. Four of the bores had water in them, but I think that was probably a result of the previous owner’s attempts at cleaning things. Some of the plugs were oily (one of them was very bad) but from looking at the state of the combustion chambers it seems likely that it was running OK. However there were signs of a gasket leak into the water way at the rear of the LH head and impending leaks elsewhere, so it’s just as well that you decided to overhaul it. The bucket tappets all seem to be reasonably good but I haven’t inspected them in any great detail yet. Both cams look good, although there is slight wear in the camshaft bearing housings – not unusual, – but I might try to get them scraped.

I then stripped the rest of the engine down to just a block assembly. The right hand timing chain was on its last legs, but the left hand one is OK! All the chain guides are OK. Both tensioners are OK too, so why one chain should be worn out is a bit of a mystery. All the sprockets seem to be OK, but I’ll be double-checking the right hand ones just in case that’s the problem. Rear oil seal is shot. There’s a bad wear ridge on the rear of the crank where the oil seal runs, so we might have to do something about that – fit a sleeve, perhaps. I haven’t inspected the oil pump yet, but I have taken it off.

I’m guessing that it hasn’t been rebored, and I’m also guessing that it still doesn’t need to be. But that will become clearer once I’ve stripped the bottom end. I’m pretty sure we’ll want to fit new rings though.

Oh, I almost forgot… there’s loads of crap in the sump – but I’ve seen worse.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

....... and yet still more!

I hope this is getting close to finishing stripping............. I'm running out of room to put things!!!

Rear estate glass today. Nasty job, convinced I was going to break the glass, but a bit of percy, and lots of time drilling out hidden rivets in weird places soon had them out. Then the inside trim round each wing and the tailgate........ fiddly work today!
Having learnt on one side, the other was much easier.
Seats next, 4 bolts and out they come. Very neat frame that have obviously been made just for this car. Seat themselves are sound, just need re-trimming. I think, due to space, the front and rear seats might have to get thrown up in the loft!!!............ you just don't expect this much stuff when stripping a car!!!!
The moved onto the rest of the boot. Lock, trim etc... then the tank. Amazingly, it was half full of fuel!! Genuine 1979 stuff!! Bit of fiddling and out it came to be emptied into Jerry cans......... trip to the oil dump in the morning I think.
Tried to start getting the rear bumper off but the captives have gone and are well rusted. Angle grinder time I think!

Sunday, 24 January 2010

.......and still more!

Same old same old............ taking more trim and bits off. Carried on with the rear today. Lights, trim, loads more rivets to drill out...... good job I bought a new rivet gun the other day.......... going to have to put loads back after the paint is done!

The side panels are in very good  condition. These are usually rot-spots in estates, so I'm very pleasantly surprised to find these are perfect.

Found another piece of unique trim.... the estate glass window trims are satin black to match the black headlining rather than the usual cream. Bit tatty, so they'll need redoing. They seem to just be painted, but I think powder coating them will get a better finish.

Back onto doors, nearside now. Easier than last time as I now know exactly how to take everything apart. front ones flew apart.............

Rear didn't take too long either!

Getting close now. Estate glass, seats, carpets and minor bits of trim and a few more bits under the bonnet and it'll be ready to go to the bodyshop.......... running out of room to store bits now!

Saturday, 23 January 2010

.........and more

So, more stripping of Libby today. Got the front bumper off eventually. The bolts were well rusted up and they'd been soaking in WD40 for days! Bumper looks pretty good, should re-chrome well. Whilst I was there got the autobox oil cooler out (not needed, going back to manual) and the old twin cooling fans (not needed either, going to use a modern Kenlow)

Then, pushed it out onto the drive and turned it round to put it back in the garage the other way round

This means I can now get at the n/s doors to strip them!

Next problem, the boot catch has broken so it wouldn't open. Bradley volunteered to undo the trim clips to get at the catch from the inside. No jokes about Bradley being bent over my back seat please!

Turns out the plastic clip that holds the release gear together has snapped....... need a new one of those then!

"let me out!!"

So, once we got that open, cut out the rear screen rubber and removed (very carefully!) the tailgate glass.

That'll do for now!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Stripping again!

Now that all the snow has gone.................and boy did we have alot!!, it was time to crack on with stripping Libby.

We had visitors yesterday (more Triumphy people!!) I was reminded that Libby was still covered in salt and muck from the trip back from Switzerland, so first things first, pushed her outside and jetwashed all the muck and grime off. I have to say, she looks better already!

Door trims and glass first. This presented the first problem. To remove the front door glass you need to lower the window........ but we have electric front windows and an unknown wiring loom! So, but of fiddling with a jump start pack and down the window comes!

Bit of fiddling and faffing (plus some grazed fingers and the front door was empty. Apart from the electric window mechanism. I know it went in, but I can't get it out......... so it can stay there!! I know it works, so that'll do for me!

Back door was quite easy, but I have decided to leave the glass in. With the stop channel removed, the glass sits well down in the door and out of the way enough to paint the surround. removing estate rear door windows is a whole world of pain I can do without....... this seems like a sensible compromise.

After that I drilled out all of the chrome trim clips on the door surrounds to make the paint job easier....... more later!