Sunday, 20 February 2011

Rear Suspension assembly

So, the plan for today was the re-assemble all the rear suspension and the refit to the car................. well, that didn't happen!
I under estimated how long it would take to put it all back together! Found the right brake pipe clips, snpped 3 but managed to get the 4 in I needed! Then assembled the exhaust hangers.......... what a fiddly job that is! Then it was the rear rubber mounts, 4 bolts, easy!

Then had to fit the trailing arms to the box sections. Anyone who says it is easy has either never done it before, or is a liar!!! After hours of persuading (gently, didn't want to damage the new powder coating!) I got them all together.
 I got the diff nosepiece back from Witor's the other day, so that could be fitted to the diff and the back mounting plate bolted on.

After that I spend another hour or so trying to coax the number plate wiring down the tailgate and gave up when it started to get dark!! There must be a simple way to do this, but at the moment its evading me!!
Bend the brake lines to shape, they just need fitting then the rear suspension can go on..............

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