Saturday, 12 February 2011

Worked for hours, accomplished very little!

Seem to have had a busy full day, but I don't feel I've actually got anywhere!
Got the rear suspension back from the powder coaters in the week, so I spent a few hours putting the bushes in the trailing arms, replacing the bungs and putting new brake pipe clips on. They do look lovely (thanks to Mr Weaver for the tip on the trailing arms!)
 Then, got under the car and finished off the shutzing. The whole of the back of the car is done now. Could have put the new brake lines on, but the clips I ordered haven't arrived yet, so that'll have to wait until later. Still haven't got the driveshafts or the diff nosepiece back from being rebuilt yet, so nothing more to do on the rear suspension until then.
 So, started picking up bits of stainless trim, running them through the bench polisher and clipping them on! Well worth the polishing wheel in the bench grinder, no time at all all the corrosion is gone and they look sparkly and almost new.
 Had to drill out the holes (full of paint!) and then riveted the B post trims back on (having been polished first!) Shiney chrome and stainless steel does look wonderful next to the new red paint.
 While the polishing wheel was out, I cleaned up the PDWA switch and the rear brake pipe splitter. They are both made of brass so came up very well. Fitted the rear one ready for the new brake lines.
 Cleaned and refitted the fuel line.
 Then did the 2 bits of stainless steel trim on the rear wings and got one of the new rear door handles on.
Had enough and it was getting dark by then. More later I hope!

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