Sunday, 6 February 2011

Diff's back!

Diff was ready for collection so I tootled over to Coventry to collect it. The gear set was perfect as expected and its just had a clean, new bearings and seals. It had also been cleaned in a tank, so it was all ready when I got it home for a quick final clean and then painting. Nice black coating on the diff, silver on the rear casing and the rear carrier still to be collected from powder coating in black.
 The rust proofer was now ready to be coated having been left for a week to cure. I only got the chance to do one side arch, but I masked it up carefully and that's now had two good coats of shutz.

Also managed to get the rear brake pipes made up. My friendly local autofactors make them up for me, so I now have the kit to do the rear. So, just got to mask and spray the other arch, then I can fit the brake lines. By this time I should have the driveshafts and the rear suspension back too, which means I can fit the rear up next weekend. The wheels should be here soon too, so I can start trial fitting them to the newly built rear to check and measure the clearances to have the custom rear wheels made! Who said this was going to be easy?!

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