Sunday, 17 January 2010

Stripping again!

Now that all the snow has gone.................and boy did we have alot!!, it was time to crack on with stripping Libby.

We had visitors yesterday (more Triumphy people!!) I was reminded that Libby was still covered in salt and muck from the trip back from Switzerland, so first things first, pushed her outside and jetwashed all the muck and grime off. I have to say, she looks better already!

Door trims and glass first. This presented the first problem. To remove the front door glass you need to lower the window........ but we have electric front windows and an unknown wiring loom! So, but of fiddling with a jump start pack and down the window comes!

Bit of fiddling and faffing (plus some grazed fingers and the front door was empty. Apart from the electric window mechanism. I know it went in, but I can't get it out......... so it can stay there!! I know it works, so that'll do for me!

Back door was quite easy, but I have decided to leave the glass in. With the stop channel removed, the glass sits well down in the door and out of the way enough to paint the surround. removing estate rear door windows is a whole world of pain I can do without....... this seems like a sensible compromise.

After that I drilled out all of the chrome trim clips on the door surrounds to make the paint job easier....... more later!

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