Sunday, 24 January 2010

.......and still more!

Same old same old............ taking more trim and bits off. Carried on with the rear today. Lights, trim, loads more rivets to drill out...... good job I bought a new rivet gun the other day.......... going to have to put loads back after the paint is done!

The side panels are in very good  condition. These are usually rot-spots in estates, so I'm very pleasantly surprised to find these are perfect.

Found another piece of unique trim.... the estate glass window trims are satin black to match the black headlining rather than the usual cream. Bit tatty, so they'll need redoing. They seem to just be painted, but I think powder coating them will get a better finish.

Back onto doors, nearside now. Easier than last time as I now know exactly how to take everything apart. front ones flew apart.............

Rear didn't take too long either!

Getting close now. Estate glass, seats, carpets and minor bits of trim and a few more bits under the bonnet and it'll be ready to go to the bodyshop.......... running out of room to store bits now!

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