Saturday, 23 January 2010

.........and more

So, more stripping of Libby today. Got the front bumper off eventually. The bolts were well rusted up and they'd been soaking in WD40 for days! Bumper looks pretty good, should re-chrome well. Whilst I was there got the autobox oil cooler out (not needed, going back to manual) and the old twin cooling fans (not needed either, going to use a modern Kenlow)

Then, pushed it out onto the drive and turned it round to put it back in the garage the other way round

This means I can now get at the n/s doors to strip them!

Next problem, the boot catch has broken so it wouldn't open. Bradley volunteered to undo the trim clips to get at the catch from the inside. No jokes about Bradley being bent over my back seat please!

Turns out the plastic clip that holds the release gear together has snapped....... need a new one of those then!

"let me out!!"

So, once we got that open, cut out the rear screen rubber and removed (very carefully!) the tailgate glass.

That'll do for now!

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