Saturday, 30 January 2010

....... and yet still more!

I hope this is getting close to finishing stripping............. I'm running out of room to put things!!!

Rear estate glass today. Nasty job, convinced I was going to break the glass, but a bit of percy, and lots of time drilling out hidden rivets in weird places soon had them out. Then the inside trim round each wing and the tailgate........ fiddly work today!
Having learnt on one side, the other was much easier.
Seats next, 4 bolts and out they come. Very neat frame that have obviously been made just for this car. Seat themselves are sound, just need re-trimming. I think, due to space, the front and rear seats might have to get thrown up in the loft!!!............ you just don't expect this much stuff when stripping a car!!!!
The moved onto the rest of the boot. Lock, trim etc... then the tank. Amazingly, it was half full of fuel!! Genuine 1979 stuff!! Bit of fiddling and out it came to be emptied into Jerry cans......... trip to the oil dump in the morning I think.
Tried to start getting the rear bumper off but the captives have gone and are well rusted. Angle grinder time I think!

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