Thursday, 31 December 2009

Gotta start sometime............

Well, it was time to start! I was hoping to have spent some of my holiday taking Libby apart, but I came down with the lurgy and just didn't feel up to it.

So, this afternoon we started to strip some bits of. Got my roll of freezer bags and marker pens........... even a fresh notebook to make sure I remember where everything goes!..... how organised!

Assisting by the ever keen Bradley, I started taking off the side chrome trims whilst he got on with front grill and lights.............

I ended up finishing my bit, so I started on the front too.

Front end stripped...... except for the bumper. Seized bolts, leaving them soaking in penetrating fluid overnight.

Its amazing the collection of bits you get from such a short burst of work! Anyway, front end stripped, all exterior chrome trim off, top grill, wipers, wiper spindles, side repeater lights, wiper motor and washer bottle all now off and stored away.

Next job...... push the car out and do the bumpers, glass and interior.

In the back of the picture of Bradley is an Rental Truck............. on Sunday heading to London to collect a stag engine and gearbox, then off to Reading to drop the engine at Andy's to be's all happening I tell you!!

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