Sunday, 5 September 2010

Couple of new additions to the family

Been away for the week on holiday. Started out at Weston Super Mare for the Bank Holiday weekend, then on to North Devon for the rest of the week. Now totally chilled and ready for (almost!) anything. Weston super Mare is/was the home of Atlantic Garages and my new best friend Ian "Del" Lines. I thought I ought to go and find where my car was built. The garage has gone and been replaced by some retirement apartments, but they kept the name "Manilla Place", which is like a small mews off the main Atlantic Road on the seafront in Weston.

You can just see the new buildings in the background behind the red car, the bar on the right is still called Atlantic Bar............. this was where my baby was built!

Whilst in Devon, we found the first of the new additions to our family. Meet Alfie. He's a 6 week old Cocker Spaniel puppy, and he is adorable! He's too young to be taken from his mother at the moment, so we've got to go back to Devon in about 3 weeks to collect him. He will be the ideal playmate for our mad Border Collie and we're hoping it might calm her down a little!!

So, home and unpacked...... time to go and get the 2nd addition. This is the car that I shall be doing the 2010 Round Britain Run in, in 3 weeks time!! Gulp. Engine in bits, singing wheel bearings, no MOT and needs a good going over and service............... this should be fun!

My trusty A frame and the Audi made short work of hauling it the huge 4 miles home, and now its tucked up in the garage awaiting a large delivery of bits!

Latest news on Libby................. bodywork done, due in the paintshop next week!

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