Saturday, 25 September 2010

RBRR ' 10 prep.... again!

Last full day to get the PI ready for the RBRR on Saturday, but managed to get a head start on Friday night by taking out the diff, replacing the leaking front seal and re-fitting all in one evening. Tough job, hair full of EP90, but it was done.
Sills creaked a bit, but a very large piece of wood as a brace, and it didn't fall off and the doors still open so it must be ok!
 This morning saw a driveway full of Triumphs. Bradley's Red 2500 in the background and Dave Marshall's Saffron 2000 on the right. He needed a bit of help and guidance so we worked on both cars together. Dave's needed a cooling system flush, a few hose clips replacing and an engine mounting sorted. After that a quick check on gearbox oil levels and he was done!

 After the meeting unit was reset, and the broken rack clamp sorted it was time for a but of cleaning. Wash, polish and a good interior valet and it looks excellent and shiney!
 Meanwhile, Dave was puzzled by a spark plug and usually "just wopped them in"......... I had to explain about plug gaps and intervene prior to him fitting them!
 Whilst I was distracted helping Dave, Bradley started polishing the wiper arms........... that boy needs help!
 But, his work did not go un-noticed................ clean PI !!!
 A few stickers later and its almost ready.
 Then a quick trip to Brian's (most of you will recognise this ramp as the one that the V8 Estate is being built on!) as he had the equipment to weld up the huge crack in the stainless exhaust. I can hear myself think now! We thought that was it and we were ready..................

But, on the way home, one injector stopped working and the flasher relay packed up........... more to do tomorrow now!

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