Sunday, 15 August 2010

PI gone...... sob!

I agonised over this for months............. but, the PI had to go. I just didn't use it enough, it was far too good for what I wanted a Triumph for, Sam didn't like it and I needed the space.......... so, it had to go. I only got it back from the paint shop the week before after it had both sides re-painted due to the paint going a bit thin on  a couple of doors and some minor rust on the bottom of the front wheel arches.
I was really impressed with the work from the paintshop. Wrighton's of Redditch for anyone who wants to know. Top job, good price and the colour match is excellent. I put an advert in Six Appeal and on the CT website and on Piston-Heads. Within 48 hours I had had couple of low offers, but a call from a lovely chap who was a professional Stag dealer who wanted a 2500 for himself was the winner. He spent quite a lot of time looking over the car and made an offer which suited us both.
The car was going to his house in Cornwall, so rather than a long drive, he elected to have it collected and delivered south on a truck.

And then, my beautiful PI drive out of my life in a cloud of diesel smoke...........
As I saw it drive away I nearly chased after him with a change of heart................ but, logic prevailed and off it went. Sob.

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