Sunday, 19 September 2010

RBRR '10 Prep

So, the PI arrived home........... but the engine was in pieces and in the boot. Good start! The head was off and stripped due to excessive valve guide wear and we just didn't have the time to get it done properly. Luckily I had a spare PI head in on the shelf (like you do!) so we decided to bung that on and get it running.
First things first, cleanliness is next to godliness........... well nearly, but it needs to be clean when you're doing a head gasket. The block face was cleaned (yes, I did plug up the cam follower holes first!) then finally cleaned with thinners to get it sparkling.
The head studs were covered in gunk. Quick whizz on the wire wheel in the bench grinder (my favorite toy!) and all is peachy! Please note, all these photo's taken by my able assistant Bradley (also RBRR '10 co-pilot. Greatful thanks for the help, stubby fingers, coffee making, tool fetching, cleaning and of course the odd photo here and there!)
Clean and shiney......... who says I have a problem?!! Anyway, when they are this clean you can just wind them in by hand! Simples!
Also, the head was checked and cleaned up......... although as it turns out, not checked well enough. We don't have photos as it was terminal sense of humour time, but............. once we got the engine assembled and fitted the rocker shaft, it snapped a rocker arm. Caused by the valves which had siezed solid on 5 chambers. So, head off again, valves out, cleaned, de-rusted, lapped in and refitted........ so there was a 24hr time delay between some of these pictures......... but you get the idea!!

Head case or Head gasket? Answer on a postcard too........................

See, they do wind in by hand if they are clean and shiney!! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!

As I mentioned earlier, this is take 2............... after a minor bit of adjustment!

Soon comes together.

I hadn't realised how bold this logo was on the back of my spannering T shirt!! Good quote though!
Finally, its all back together and working. Needed some new throttle return springs, the inlet manifolds were out of alignment so it ran like a pig and only 3 injectors were working, but with a few tweeks and plenty of swearing it ran like a dream!
Moving on to the next weekend.............. had it running for about 30 minutes, retorqued the head, reset the tappents, did and oil and filter change, changed both front wheel bearings, topped up the gearbox and diff oils, greased every nipple I could find (fnarr!), wired in the fogs, re-wired in the spots, put back the battery clamps, air filter housing and strut brace. Meanwhile Bradley handled the important parts. He fitted a stereo and some rear speakers! Top job! Checked to make sure the ipods worked and all is looking rosy for Team 81 on the RBRR!
Just needs a good clean!  So, MOT on Monday evening and then it just needs a tax disc and some miles! It still runs a bit strange, feels very hesitant but I think its just down to the fueling. Checked with Andy Roberts today and I've set the metering unit clearances too tight (only 3 thou out, but that makes all the difference!) so I'll re-do it and if its still not right I may be taking a trip to Reading next Saturday to get it set up by someone who actually knows what he's doing!!!
Needs a pair of wiper blades, and we're going to do a final oil and filter change and put some decent VR1 in before the off next Friday!! (oh, of course, a wash and polish too!, didn't think I'd forget that now did you?!)

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