Saturday, 5 December 2009

Clearing some space..................

I just noticed how long it was since I last updated my blog!!! Sorry about that, been busy...........!

So, first off........ its official. I have the BEST wife in the world!! She took me Christmas shopping a few weeks ago and bought me my present!!

How about this then? Top wife!! Nice big tool cabinet. Spent a very pleasant few hours polishing all my spanners and finding places for things!

So, to making space. Some of you will know why and what I am making space for!! Those of you who don't yet know....... watch this space and all will be revealed in about 2 weeks!

"Eric", the Scottish PI has gone to a new home. It needed an MOT first. Nothing major, headlight aim, handbrake and front flexihoses........... simple really! Bradley (featured on here quite a bit!) took an immediate liking to Eric and pestered me ever since then to sell him Eric........... so I did!

The more observant of you will have noticed that Eric is the car I am entered into the 2010 RBRR in, but being as Bradley is my co-pilot it really doesn't matter who owns the car (this was Bradley's argument for buying it when I protested it was by Round Britain Car!!) Anyway, we are hoping to change our RBRR entry to a different car..... again, more in about 2 weeks!!

So, MOT and sold. Bradley was overjoyed at having another 2500, he took it home and polished it! (I think he may have been hanging around me too often).... anyway, I have to say, being as I never even washed it, never mind polished it, in the time I owned it.... it came up really well!

So, bit more space needed........ time for Sam's Moggy to go...........................

Yeah, right!!! Sam would get rid of me before she got rid of her Moggy. She has owned "Madison" since she was 18, so its safe to say its not going anywhere!

It did go to Lichfield today, to spend the winter at my Mum's house. My Mum has a big double garage and we usually keep the Moggy in her garage for the winter, as we usually have more cars than garages! So, little trip this morning. I took it for an MOT on Wednesday, and was horrified to find it had done 107 miles since its last MOT............ 70 of those were the trip to and from my Mum's last year!!

Still needed a bit more room......... caravan to go now!! Back to my Mum's!!! She has a proper caravan "pad" down the side of her house, tucked away nice and safe so our caravan usually spends the winter there too!!
First time I had towed with the new Audi and I was very surprised how good it was. Nice and stable, plenty of power and very relaxing............. fantastic!!

So, that's it for now............ more updates just before Christmas when I will introduce the latest project......!

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