Wednesday, 23 December 2009

So, is it any good?

So, time to see what I have bought, plus a few details on some of the interesting bits.

First off, the engine build plate, special tuning engine....... same as Andy Roberts Stag Saloon, which is kind of handy as he is building the engine to the same spec!

Engine bay. Note the engine mounts, the stag brake master cylinder, dual circuit brake lines and the PDWA switch (and corresponding light on the dash shown later), air horns and altered wiring loom.

Check out the flare on those rear arches!!! Standard Stag alloys look lost, hence the 15x7 Minilights on the way!

Underneath is perfect, it looks like this all over.............
Any 2000 buff will tell you, you don't see inner arches like this very often!
This is the tricky bit. Nasty dent on the front wheel arch............. might pull out, failing that it might need a back arch.
Note the uncut doorcards for the window winders............ this has electric windows!....... even the wood is pretty good!
Recaro seats.......... need some minor trim work on the faces, but the foams are perfect.
Original 8 track!! How cool is that?!!?

Perfect rear seats..........

Under the rear seat......... usually rusty on estates!

Battery tray, Stag item....... rusty, but only surface scabs.

Black headlining........... pretty good, couple of nicks, might replace it whilst the glass is out. Note the sunroof, no leaks at all!
More detail on those rear arches....... must be a good 4 inches between the tyre and the arch!
Stag front indicator repeaters

Original number plates with Ian Lines Motorsports on

You can just make out the outline of the "V8" and "3 litre" badges on the back.
and here is the proof, that it is DEL33. The build sheet from Ian Lines.
All in all, I'm as chuffed as a chuffed thing!

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Jason said...

Serious kudos to you Alan, well done mate. It's really good to see the car out in the daylight.