Thursday, 28 May 2015

Squeek Squeek Squeek

So, why does the new fan belt on the new alternator squeek like a mouse in a tumble drier?

Its a new WOSP high performance alternator, with a new toothed belt and its slipping despite being tight.
Closer investigation shows that the pulley is the wrong one, its too wide and it means the belt is sitting on the base of the pulley, rather than being trapped on the sides in the V.

So, I ordered a new pulley, narrower with a V and last nights job was to fit it.

The shaft on the alternator has an allen key to hold it steady, which you can't get to because the radiator is in the way. So, you have to take off the alternator and get it on the bench to do it, which means you have to remove the Power Steering Pump to get it out.......... grrrrrr !!

Anyway, ably assisted by Bradley again, 2 and a half hours later (there was an hour lost as we had to drill out the centre of the new pulley a little as it didn't quite fit!) its on and no more squeeking!!

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