Monday, 25 May 2015

Road Legal!!!

Last minute flurry of activity to get it ready for the MOT. Tracking set, interior lights finished, number plates fitted, wiring to windows finished and the gearlever trim fitted.

Finally, although not completely finished, it was ready for an MOT.

 We also had to change the rear wheel studs for longer ones as the revvies on spacers made the standard ones too short. That done, and the handbrake re adjusted.

 The drive to the MOT Station was the scariest of my life. Its about 8 miles away, and trying desperately to resist the temptation to bury the throttle into the floor, I took it gently and it behaved and drove perfectly.
 We do have a clonk on the n/s front suspension which we have traced to a defective front shock (brand new but still not right) so we need to change them and I shall be fitting SPAX adjustables to the front. The rear has Monroe Load Levellers and they feel just fine.
 A quick headlight alignment later and my MOT man confirmed all is well.

5 and a half years after I dragged the sorry looking rusty wreck back from Switzerland, its finally got an MOT.
I then went to the Post Office and got the tax changed to Historic and taxed it for a year, then we went away for the weekend so I've had no time to play since!

A reminder of what it looked like back then!!!

On the to do list is;

Trip to the exhaust builder to have the home brew extensions done properly
Change the front shocks
Clip the new wiring away and replace the interior trim still missing (A posts, parcel shelves, one rear boot trim board and the rear estate woodwork.)
Then I have a tuning and head torque session booked with Andy, followed on by getting some miles on her and progressively building up the revs to run the engine in, ready to tow the caravan to the 2000 Register Nationals in Ashbourne in June.

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