Saturday, 16 May 2015

Almost ready for an MOT!

Lots to do today, hoping to get the car ready for an MOT, not finished, but MOT-able.

Brian popped over this morning and with his expert help we managed to fix and install the interior lights, adjust the tracking (he brought his proper gauge with him!), get the electric windows working and install an additional fuse box.

Afterwards Bradley and I carried on and changed the rear wheel studs for longer ones (due to wheel spacers on the back), then trimmed and fitted the gearlever surround and gear knob.

We also finished off the wiring, fitted the number plates, fitted rear view mirror, door mirror, and a host of other things including timing and carb tuning.

Apart from a new washer pump (old one had it!), its MOT ready now.

Still got to tidy up the new wiring, install the A post interior trims, install the parcel shelves, finish off the boot trim and some other minor works.

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