Sunday, 22 March 2009

Ready for MOT !!!!

The blue 2000 is now ready for an MOT!

Stripped the front brakes today, thinking I would have to put new discs on. The discs were rusty but when I inspected them..... no wear ridges or lips at all. I cleaned them up and put new pads in and also changed the bleed nipples as the originals were all chewed up. All good now!

New (well, good second hand!) Master cylinder as the original had perished seals and was weeping a bit, then bled all the brakes again. I also fitted another fuel pump as the original one was just too gummed up to work properly. Now running like a dream! Quick oil and filter change and its done and ready for MOT....... then a trip to the tyre fitters for a new set of treads and its ready for a new home.

Bradley was helping out again............ but he seemed more interested in polishing the front bumper than anything else........... even Dave Marshall had to get his hands dirty and changed a headlight........... made him polish the chrome headlamp retaining rings before he put it back on though, I think he was a bit upset about that. Polishing just does'nt come as natural to him as it does to Bradley or myself!!

Look at the concentration om Bradley's face as he polishes the bumper............!!

Had a break for an hour to fit some parking sensors to the back of Dave's Shitroen..... Easy job using my favorite £25.00 ebay kits.......... looks like factory and should stop him stuffing the towbar into things!

So, MOT hopefully this week and see what happens...............

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