Thursday, 26 March 2009

New Tyres, New MOT....... one breakdown!

So........ I decided that the fuel starvation problem was due to a clogged up tank...... I took out the fuel gauge sender unit and had a peek inside with a torch (not a lit match as suggested by some!) and found a load a gunk at the bottom........ just due to the car standing with fuel in it for so long I guess.

So, I undid the union on the bottom of the tank and............... nothing. Hmmmm. Gave it a prod with a screwdriver and fuel started to pour out.... okay, definatly gunked up then.

I then removed the tank, taped up the vents, put some de-greaser in it and gave it a shake....... just look at what came out!!!!!!!

That could be why it kept stopping then!! Did that a couple of times, then popped the tank back in and put a couple of gallons of fresh fuel in and all seemed well.

I then went to my friendly local tyre place as the tyres I had ordered were now in. 4 new 185/70/13's (compromise as the original 175/80/13's not available!) and on they went. It did confuse the fitters a bit, especially as they couldn't find the car in their wheel nut torque guide! But, all done. Then went next door, and collected the MOT certificate!! She's road legal!!

All is not well though.... on the way home.. cough, splutter cough stop......... bugger! No fuel at the pump again!

I managed to get it home and jacked it up again, undid the union and this time the fuel gushed out of the tank.... so its not that then! On the advice of a Register member I took off the small length of rubber hose that connects the metal union to the main fuel line..........blocked solid with gunk...... ahhhhhhhhhh. So, new bit of fuel pipe, couple of clips..... refilled the tank and its seems to have cured it!

So, all I need to do now is to get it taxed, have to go to a VRO office to do it as it was off the road when it went tax free....... classification needs changing and you can't do that online or at a post office!!
Then, I can go for a proper blast!
Bit of cleaning to do on the interior, tow bar fitting and she's finished!

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