Sunday, 1 March 2009

More work on the Blue 2000........

More work on the Blue 2000 on Saturday. Stripped the rear brakes and replaced the shoes, wheel cylinders, flexihoses and had a couple of new brake pipes made up.

It all came apart alarmingly easiliy, so say it had'nt been touched for over 20 years!

Many thanks to Bradley and Dave for their help!! Much appreciated. Here are the happy minions de-gunking the sliding splines of the driveshafts before re-greasing and replacing!

New copper brake lines and flexihoses. The lines were full of horrible white gooey stuff. But after bleeding through about 1 litre of brake fluid........... clean fluid, no air and a firm pedal! Handbrake set to lock at 4 notches.......... looking good!

We were so impressed with the rear brakes we did, we decided to try and get the engine to fite. The carbs (see earlier posts) were ready and I re-fitted those. I had to draw off loads of stale old fuel which stank but also had set in the fuel line.
I stripped and cleaned out the fuel pump and filters, then after what seemed like hours, we had some fresh fuel coming through to the carbs. Quick check in the dizzy and a new condensor, it fired up, but only on 5 cylinders................. eventually traced to the HT lead on number 5 not being pushed on properly!!

After that, it ran very sweetly! I have to say, it is one of the smoothest sounding engines I have heard in a long time.
So, front brakes, flexihoses and wheel bearings next............ then to sort out the stuck clutch (I do hope I don't have to take the gearbox off!!)

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