Friday, 11 April 2008

What's the point (the condensed version.....)

What's the point, the condensed version....................hmmmmm.

Well, I finally got round to fitting electronic ignition to the PI..................(geddit!?!?!?)

I decided after finding quite alot of points scatter that this would be a good idea, plus I hate messing about with points and condensors.................I just don't see the point!!!!

Anyway, I bought one of the "discreet" kits which fits entirely inside the distributor. I chose the one by GEC which was advertised in the latest "Club Torque". Not that I am advertising here, but George Coombs (The man at GEC) is a wonderful bloke, very helpful, even when I managed to somehow order the wrong unit first time round.........oppps!

Anyway, fitted it in about 15 minutes, and that included using heat shrink tubes to hide the 2 wires on show (one to the coil, one to the ballast resistor) This is the unit inside the dizzy, replacing the points and the condensor........

Very neat, and even better is the picture below. Apart from one extra wire from the coil to the ballast resistor, you can't tell if is fitted (ideal for Concours cars!!)

I have not had chance to drive the car yet, but it did start much quicker and cleaner than before and the tickover is certainly much smoother..........I took the opportunity to put in new plugs and run them at 30 thou gap rather than 25 thou (stronger spark now!) and I'm looking forward to seeing how it drives on Sunday when we are taking it to the Marque day at Crich.

Anyway, a few pretty pictures for you, and no, I haven't polished it this week either!!

So, if anyone wants this excellent kit, go to or see the half page advert in the last "Club Torque" magazine.........

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