Saturday, 15 March 2008

Quick Diff Change................

The diff in the PI was a bit noisy on overrun so today was a quick diff change!

I had a known good one, and during the week I cleaned and painted it and popped in some new seals just to be safe.

Took it for a test thrash and the difference is amazing, the rumbling on overrun has of course gone, but the whole car is much smoother than it was before.
Time well spent me thinks.
Gave the whole car a onece over, noitcied the front pads were getting low. Being as we're taking it on the 2000 Register trip to Bonn over Easter I decided it might be wise to change them. In went a set of EBC greenstuff I had in stock.........replaced the front flexihoses just in case.
Tomorrow I've just got to change the oil and filter, pack the boot with the "survuval kit" and we're ready for the off................

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