Saturday, 2 February 2008

Now THATS a double garage!

Greetings Triumph people!

Today I'm going to talk about decorating and building!

When we first bought our house, the previous owners had extended the ground floor, including adding another single garage onto the side of the original single. One of the first jobs to do was to knock down the wall between the two to give a good sized double.

So, 6 years later and I've finally got round to it!

18ft Steel I beam (got a builder in to do this, wimped it!) and here we go.

But me, being me, couldn't just put the cars back in, so I decided to put a nice ceiling in, paint it, new lights, more sockets, paint the walls, paint the floor, paint the beam and generally get things nice.

So, one side is finished, Stag back in its new shiny home!

Its surprising how much brighter it is with 3 x 58w strip lights and the walls and ceilings painted white...............

So, just got to do the same to the other side now..........................

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