Wednesday, 21 November 2007

The Yellow thing.................

Well, that's what most people call it!

Time to introduce the first beast. Its a 1976 Triumph 2500 S Estate in an Eye-watering Inca Yellow. Only 7 Estates were built in Inca, and I have never seen another one. This car was responsible for the Yellow glow on the CT stand at the NEC in November. I was privileged to be invited onto the CT stand by Tim Hunt and I loved every minute of it. Even being called "a polisher" by certain CT was well worth it!

So far the car has had all the chrome and trim work tidied up, all the suspension has been overhauled and uprated (polybushed with Witor suspension) the brakes are now Stag with EBC pads and Goodrich hoses and the gearbox has been replaced with a new Police Spec box with a Canley Classics "special" J type Overdrive on 2/3/4.

Next on the list of things to do is an Engine Rebuild (hopefully over Christmas), a Headlight upgrade and I would love to have a go at re-doing all the wood veneering inside...........

Keep watching!

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Brian said...

Hi Alan
Nice to see more blogs from triumph folk.Good luck .

from spitfire2hurricane.