Saturday, 24 November 2007

How Dumb can you get?

I have two admissions to make today.

For the first time EVER, I drove the Stag today with the roof on. I am ashamed..................

Having spent the last glorious 7 months blasting around with the roof down, berating the countless new cars I see be driven with soft-tops in place, today I had to! Chucking it down does not do the weather justice. M40, 80mph...............useless soft-top with water flying in through the various holes/rips..........great fun!

Anyway, I was on my way to see Brian Chrimes at Just Classics in Dunchurch. The automatic gearbox on the Stag has been leaking for ages and I just couldn't find the leak. Brian has a proper 4 post ramp lift and a warm workshop so that was were I was headed to try and find the leak.

After about an hour of cleaning up the AFT fluid that was dripping off everything under the car Brian eventually found the culprit.

If you OVERFILL a BW35 autobox by about 1.5litres, it will blow it back up through the vent pipe, soaking the bulkhead insulation which then deposits the sticky stuff evenly under the car.


So, gearbox drained and re-filled to the correct level, no leaks (apart from the stuff still embedded in the bulkhead soundproofing!)

Like I said, how dumb can you get?

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