Thursday, 22 November 2007

RBRR......................We're on!

RBRR (Round Britain Reliability Run for the ill-educated!) fever has hit Triumph-Town again, with the official launch of the 2008 RBRR in aid the the RNLI.

I am exceptionally pleased at next years choice of Charity, as the RNLI is very close to my heart. My Great-Great Grandfather was one of the Founder Members of the RNLI and he, and his Brother and his Son were all RNLI Coxwain's in Barry, Cardiff. My later father's sides of the family are all mariners, and the work of the RNLI crews (who are volunteers, ie don't get paid! for risking their lives to saves others) is a cause well worth supporting. Remembering that the RNLI gets NO funding from this poxy Government and has to be funded solely by Charitable donations. Lets see if we can beat the 2006 total of £50,000 shall we. 100 cars, £600 per car = £60,000................easy init?

Anyway, enough of the flag waiving. Our (that's me and Sam, yes my intrepid co-pilot is my Wonderful Wife!) entry form went in the post yesterday afternoon. Even did it in style and took the Stag out for a blast to post the entry form..............(yes I KNOW the postbox is only 500yds from my house, but for some reason it ended up as a 15 mile blast to the next village to post it!)

So, hopefully, providing Royal Mail doesn't let us down (again!) and the Chin-meister gets back from Delli in once piece to process our application................we're in!

Just got to rebuild the engine, run it in, replace the gearbox, replace the PAS rack and get it through another MOT and the Yellow Peril will be ready to go!

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