Saturday, 7 November 2015

NEC 2015 Prep (Alternative title, I must FINISH !!!)

Well, we are now up to about 950 miles and all is well. Engine settling down and pulling nicely. No oil use at all and I am now up to about 4500rpm. 

Libby has been a bit of a star in recent months, front cover of SIXappeal.............

 Plus Front cover on Practical Classics and a very good 7 page colour write up.

With the NEC show in a few days time, and Libby being proudly displayed on The Triumph 2000/2500/2.5 Register stand, I really needed to get the last little jobs finished.

Sill trims, the stainless trims on the bottom of the sills. The originals polished up just fine, but I'd been putting this job off as it involves drilling the sills to pop rivet the clips on. In the end, I just had to get brave, measure 5 times, dill once!! Plenty of anti rust in the holes and it looks lovely. It does just finish it off nicely.

 Then it was on to redoing a job I got wrong. In my haste and excitement, I put the Stag badges on the rear wings in the wrong place. Removed and repositioned properly.

 I then had to finish the boot trim. Still not perfect, but best as I can do. The issue is the repro carpet sections are much thicker than the originals. So, when you wrap the boot boards, the resulting baord ends up being about an inch bigger all round. I had to carefully unpick and trim the boards to get them to sit right, then glue it all back up again. Then refitted the last section of load trims.
 After that it was touch up a couple of paint chips it picked up during the refit, and then a good clean ready for a polish on the stand at the NEC.

 I also glued together the broken stereo button, its now drying on the shelf ready to refit.
I wish I could say it finished, but it isn't!! Still got to fit the sunvisors (can't find the screws at the moment!) and the rear brakes are still playing up and squeaking. But, apart form that, its ready for the NEC.

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