Sunday, 12 July 2015

Tinkering and Tidying

200 miles after the National, and it was time for another oil change. Oil is coming out nice and clean, no metal on the magnetic sump plug, all is good!

 Obviously, the work had to be inspected first...............
 I then changed the front number plate for the correctly spaced one
 Put the "fake" tax disc in the wondscreen
 But, after I took it out of the garage the following night to take my eldest daughter to Brownies, it left a huge oil slick all over the garage floor, something is definitely wrong!
 The culprit was the O ring between the spin on filter and the block. The adapter is designed to tighten onto the block as you tighten the filter, and I may have overtightened the filter a bit!! Luckily, I had a spare seal in stock, and I have just ordered 3 more just in case!!
 I had some time on Saturday whilst Bradley was swapping the prop on Eric (trying to cure a vibration and failing at the moment!), I cleared up enough to get Sam's Moggy in! Quick trip to my Mum's house, battery was flat but it soon started with a jump and I then drove it the 500yds to our house.
 Libby and Madison, both in their correct homes now. Note, Libby's correct space is on the other side of the garage as the Moggy is shorter and the workbench and door in on that side. Just need to get the lights and sockets re wired and then I can finish the shevling!

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