Saturday, 21 March 2015

Tailgate Seal and Gearbox

Well, that was a bit of a longer break than I hoped for. The new house has just eaten up all my free time, but the end is almost in sight. I have managed to put in a new kitchen, and decorate the whole house, with the exception of my office, the utility room and 3 bathrooms. But, we have decided that these rooms can wait until the winter to do, and that I can now spend some time on getting Libby finished. I needed some time in the garage putting up shelves, lighting etc, but now its time to crack on.
Sam finished work earlier than expected today, so I decided to get a few hours in whilst I could.
So, I trimmed the new D Post trims that found there way to me from Yorkshire Triumph (Thanks guys!), trimmed in black vinyl to match the head lining then glued and clipped in place.

 Then came the tricky job, Removing the tailgate, so that we could glue on the tailgate seal. I couldn't get a new one (rocking horse teeth) but Andy donated a good used one. We turned the tailgate upside down on a table, glued it, then refitted. Thanks to Brad and James for the muscles!!!
 Then came time for a gearbox fitting!! The car was jacked up and put on ramps.
 Then with Brad under the car holding the flywheel, I fitted the pulley and fan assembly, then torqued up the nut to 100ft/lbs. That should come off then!
 The gearbox had been rebuilt completely by Mick Papworth, it was wired up and filled with oil, it just needed throwing on.
 So, on we threw it and got all, bar 2 bolts in. I seem to be 2 bolts missing, so I'll get those this week I hope. then I can lift it up, fit the rear gearbox mount and then measure and get the propshaft made.
Very productive day, and it felt good to be working on her again. The end is in sight...........

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