Monday, 5 August 2013

Headlight wiring again!

Once more I manage to find a couple of hours to work on the car this evening. Only problem was, it was persistently chucking it down! Not really suitable weather for taking the car out of the garage and continuing with interior work!
I looked at my "to do" list and found a nice simple job I could do. In my haste to assemble the front end fo the NEC I had managed to route the new wiring loom for the headlights (relays now) in the wrong place, so it hung down rather than being clipped up. So, I thought I would resolve that. 
Needed all the new wiring carefully labelling, snipping, re-routing properly and then reconnecting the wires with proper connectors and heat-shrink tape. Looks much better now and doesn't have wires hanging infront of the radiator!

 I also managed to re-align the main beam headlamp bowels as I have managed to fit them wrong so that the lights were slightly on an angle. The "Halogen" lable now sits properly.
 It has uncovered another problem though. I found this wire on the main loom in the middle of the radiator. What is it for? Looks like original as its in the loom, but I can't seem to find it on the wiring diagram! Any ideas?
EDIT, just found out via the 2000 Register Forum, its a feed for front fogs if fitted. So, I'll blank it off and tuck it away.

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