Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Carpets Part II

Once again, girls are still with Sam's parents as she is away in London for the day, so I get an evening to myself again! Managed to get home and outside by about 7pm, so I knew it was a few small jobs before it got dark. First off was to fit the newly painted tailgate trim. Looks great!
 Then onto the main carpets. You will remember how I cussed the awful quality and fit of the repro carpets I got from Lincolnshire. Miek Weaver very kindly gave me a NOS main section and I have some NOS footwell carpets in stock so I knew I could make a better job! First of all, with the seats removed, have a look at these quality items........... dreadful!!!

 Ooops, upside down picture........ oh well, you get the idea...... this is the new piece of carpet.
 Fitted in minutes, few minor adjustments. It doesn't fit over the rear tranny tunnel as its now a different shape to the standard car due to the extra room for the Stag silencers. But, far better than before.
 Seats going back in, can't put the passengers back in as I remembered I was a bolt missing. Needs to be quite long so I have measured it and need a trip to the bolt shop!

2 hours well spent I think!

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