Sunday, 11 March 2012

Little jobs............ they take the longest!

I had about 3 hours to spend on the car today, and the next two jobs to do are big ones that will take longer than that (estate side window fitting and finishing the shutzing of the centre floorpans.......... so I was on the lookout for some smaller jobs to do.
Found and rescued some trim clips to fit the final piece of waistline trim on the nearside rear door. Fiddly as all of the holes needed careful drilling out, but we got there in the end.
 The rear doors needed the wiring loom for the central locking fitting properly. Drilling and fitting grommets having once fed the wiring up the sill and B post....... again, fiddly and time consuming. Its the small jobs that take the longest I swear!
 I had bought a new big bag of pop-rivets in various sizes so I cleaned up the engine build plate and fitted that. Was going to do the Chassis plate too but it seems to be MIA at the moment............!
 I then fitted the twin (I prefer 4 jets rather than the feeble 2 in the centre!) washer jets to the new chrome grill and fitted that. I seem to have mislaid the screws for both sides by the windscreen, just need to find what thread they are and get some more.
 I then fitted the rear stainless trim. The wing ends were NOS ones, the centre is the original which just needed cleaning and painting. After a trial fit it was time to do it properly the "Mike Weaver" way.......... perfect, all lines up just right. As it should, Brian did borrow the old trims and lights to make sure everything lined up properly before it was painted...... it now has lovely shut lines.
I then fitted all 4 of the interior light door switches and then got the paint brush out. The trimmer had managed to catch and score the paint when he was fitting the vinyl roof. Fortunately it will be hidden behind the rear side stainless steel trims, but I wanted to make sure it was sealed to stop it rusting. I masked it off, painted on 2 coats of primer, and now that I have half a litre of the correct paint, some top coat can go on later.

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