Sunday, 26 February 2012

Rear Doors

What a lovely sunny day today turned out to be! Got the car out of the garage and finished off the n/s front door (got some new clips!) and then started the horrible task of putting the rear doors together. The glass will only just go in one way, and its just remembering which way that is!!

 Assisted by Bradley as usual, I took the stance that being as he removed the glass from the rear doors, he should remember how to put them back again!! Many hours of swearing and grazed knuckles later....... they are both in and trimmed up. Door locks, winder mechanisms, central locking solenoids, and all the door furniture except the door trims..... bit of rustproofing to do first!

Next job is to fit the estate rear side windowns, finishing wiring the central locking and alarm systems, then finish the outer chrome trim. I think underneath still needs the inner sills shutzing and then we might be ready to start the rustproofing!
Long way to go yet, but slowly and surely................

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